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With a clear vision toward the future, Bankers’ leaders have negotiated the ever-changing needs of the consumer market and addressed them, head on, with innovative products and services. The US Bicentennial saw a small, family-owned insurer enter the marketplace. At the turn of the next decade, the company began to invest considerable capital and extensive time in building an infrastructure to support its ongoing stability and future security, flourishing as a niche insurer. In 1983, Bankers entities were among the first companies admitted into the federal government’s National Flood Insurance Program; by 2002, those companies owned the nation’s second-largest Flood book.

The early and mid-1990s were a high growth period industry wide, and Bankers successfully strategized to include expanded offerings of products and services distributed at the point of financing and/or points of sale. As the new millennium approached, Bankers first undertook the role of third-party policy processing and claims administration, as a domestic outsourcing provider. The corporation’s next ventures included entering the home warranty and financial services fields, expanding its cross-selling synergy while broadening its service base. In the mid 2000s, the Company successfully maneuvered two of the most active and costliest hurricane seasons on recent record, with a solid reinsurance program and sound business decisions.

The Bankers family of companies stays true to its mission of ensuring dreams and securing tomorrows, for individuals and businesses across the country. From a regional insurer to a national player, the evolution continues.